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The convertibles clootton top is éco-friendly !

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The convertible clootton tops, are eco-friendlyl! With removable underarm parts the life of the garment increases significantly until the next wash!

Apart from the pollution of our water systems, washing clothes also contributes to a significant carbon footprint, causing excessive waste of water and energy. Similarly, phosphates in laundry detergents entering aquatic systems promote algal blooms and cause imbalances in the ecosystem.

In addition, with the Clootton Convertible Top you save a lot of time each day .... There is almost no washing, ironing and drying ... According to the Bureau of Statistics, women spend on average 16 minutes a day to wash, fold or iron their clothes. Of course, sometimes this laundry time is consolidated over one or two days depending on how well you wash your household items. Instead of wasting your precious time, get yourself a convertible clootton garment.