clootton continues to serve you

Clootton protects our oceans! Original and innovative clootton design protected by the EUIPO!

Travel to dreams…

Days full of obligations and projects…

Every morning, evening and when preparing for travel I had the same questions:

What to wear? What to pack??

I wanted to create a durable, eco-friendly, alterable and 100% natural fabric lightweight cotton dress. I wanted quick packing and light travel…

I wanted to bring “Haute Couture” design on smart casual clothing for every woman who chases her dreams.

And I did it!

I created a design of an alterable, unique, innovative, durable, environmentally friendly, comfortable lightweight cotton dress where you can simply replace underarm-parts and wear it again and again.

The clootton shirt, besides being environmentally friendly, is also sourced and produced within the EU. 

and by wearing it, you gain a lot of time every day…. there is almost no washing, ironing and drying….as you wash only the underarms-parts and not all the dress…

The best is that with the clootton shirt there is no packing luggage…you just take second underarm-parts with you..:) and you are ready for travel

With the clootton shirt, you win your freedom….you enjoy your life and you have fun

10 shirts in 1 !