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TV France 3 : Clootton turns perspiration into poetry with the flying armpits concept.

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Here is the report by France 3 on CLOOTTON (video).

The fabric comes from Spain, the buttons from Germany, the sewing from France (Alsace) and Greece. According to the journalist of France 3: "Clootton transforms perspiration into poetry with his flying underarms ". All our creations are in cotton, minimalist and ecological.

Clootton, as a matter of principle, follows a 100% European and ecological manufacturing cycle (fashion design, model making, fabrics, buttons, labels and packaging).

In a world where climate change is an inevitable reality, Clootton has thought of making the “haute couture”  eco-responsiblewith through a patented innovative design. Wearing clootton shirt you can reduce your water consumption and save energy by 50% thanks to the flying underarms!!!! It's enormous!

The philosophy of clootton clothing is simple: replace, when necessary, the underarm parts with a second pair of armpits that is provided with each top or shirt clootton (the dirty pair can be washed by hand for quick reuse when it is needed avoiding putting the washing machine).

The concept is practical and ecological since it avoids washing the whole garment barely worn just because of the smell of perspiration.

You should know that, on average, almost 80% of water and energy consumption used during the life cycle of textile products are concentrated on the maintenance phase alone! Unbelievable! Wearing a clootton shirt makes you a true savior of our planet!

All our designs are patented and approved!