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Traveling to China wearing a CLOOTTON shirt with replaceable underarm sections

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We tested clootton shirt in August in Beijing. 

Weather in August in Beijing is very hot! The temperature may reach up to 38 °C. August is Beijing's wettest month. It was sweltering heat....

So, we were  wearing one clootton shirt for one week, all day. And it worked! It was in a perfect condition! There was no body odour and it was fresh! What is the secret of success? Our clootton shirt is made of breathable cotton and we replace only underarm sections of the shirt...We change only the most dirty sections which are the underarm sections and we keep our shirt in a perfect form.

It was important for us, as we travel light and it was complicated to wash our clothes while traveling...So, clootton shirt is perfect for travel and work! 

Wear cotton whenever possible. A good quality, lightweight cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics around so it will allow a little airflow for drying out the dampness.