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Sweating and clothing. Which fibers choose?

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aisselles2clootton.jpgAll clootton clothing is made of 100% cotton and 100% linen. Apart from the fact that Clootton militates in principle for natural fibers, cotton/linen are chosen as raw materials because they also have interesting hygienic properties. Cotton and linen are more breathable than synthetic fabrics, and allow more air flow, therefore less temperature in contact with the skin and less perspiration. As soon as there is skin debris (a phenomenon which is quite normal and happens to everyone), bacteria can develop (whether it is polyester or cotton). 

The clothes get dirty first, under the arms, where bacteria debris grows, therefore the clothes have to be washed more often due to the sign-odor of perspiration. This is where "flying armpits" come in ...So when you sweat you just replace the armpits with the second pair of underarms and wear the shirt again. You can wear the shirt many times between washes.

Innovative, durable, eco-friendly clootton shirts!