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Flying Underarms

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-What is a flying armpit? The question is often asked by people who came to our booth…

A flying armpit is an invitation to a journey of “dress poetry”. It is an invitation to an eco-friendly world where fewer chemicals are used. It is also an invitation where the resourcefulness of the design responds in a concrete way to a daily need and transforms the feminine garment into an element with a unique meaning.

It is an invitation to a journey of liberation from cultural constraints. It is an invitation to a woman who is a homemaker, who works, who travels, who creates with her hands or with her soul, who is stressed, who is at a professional or personal appointment after a tiring day of work. Finally, it is an invitation for all women who run 24/7 to fulfil their social role and no longer have time for themselves. A “flying armpit” is a new, eco-responsible and stylish way of life for the free woman.

“My heart, like a bird, flew all joyful and hovered freely around the ropes;” A trip to Kythera, Charles Baudelaire